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MY 2024 Fraser Valley Real Estate Predictions
(Posted Jan 18th 2024)
Interest Rates
We all know that whatever the fed does to interest rates will have a HUGE effect on the housing market. Early reports suggested that we might see up to a 1% drop over the course of the year. I think that's overshooting the mark. I'm predicting only a 0.5% decrease in interest rates. They can't lower rates until they get inflation under control, which they were making progress on but that progress is now falling behind targets. Even if inflation doesn't meet all of their targets, I suspect they will still do some kind of reduction as people that have renewals coming up this year and next will be making a lot of noise. That noise will definitely not be to the liking of the current government. The market is already picking up here in the valley and a rate drop could send us into multiple offer chaos again. 

So how will prices react to the market stimuli? Well, in 2023 we saw ZERO rate drops and 4 rate hikes equaling a full 1%. The market responded with a very robust Spring (starting in February actually) that continued through June. Prices rose almost 20% in this time! This was even after a 0.25% hike in January. However the fed responded with 3 consecutive rate hikes of 0.25% which quieted the market and drove prices down 10% on average. So to recap, we saw interest rates go up 1% and prices still rose 10%! That's ridiculous, but with a lack of housing supply, it's reality. 

With that in mind, my prediction of the pricing front is we will see a 10-15% price increase throughout 2024. Especially if rates have a significant drop. 
Seems bold doesn't it? I think it makes too much sense though. Until housing supply increases or we stop immigration I think this problem will persist for a while.

Will I be right? Time will tell! 
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We Finally Dodged One!

Last week, the Bank of Canada announced they are holding rates this time around! After going through a gauntlet of rate hikes, we finally get to sigh in relief. This is hopefully really good news as the August market was pretty slow and another rate hike would've killed everyone's spirits.  

What does this mean for the market?
While this rate hold doe...

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Hot Pockets?

One of these days the market will behave normally. We have listings lasting months AND listings that are in multiple offers right off the hop.   The leading culprits of this situation is low inventory and the BC assessments that has some sellers reaching for the stars.  So what should the people know about the market right now. 

1. Renovate...

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