Who is Jesse Braun?

Born and raised in Abbotsford in the 90's, I spent most of my childhood playing various sports, making friends, and going to my father's real estate appointments. As a kid, going to these appointments were a nuisance, but as time went on, I began to see the value of his work both from the client's perspective and my father's. It was so much more than just selling a house or an acreage. He was building lifelong relationships all while helping them navigate a life changing sale or purchase in a stress-free manner. I knew I wanted to do this when I grew up. I even have a Grade 2 "biography" that stated it back then!

I knew jumping into the industry right at 19 was a risky move. After all, what 19-year-old has the life experience to deal with people in that capacity? So, I held off. I wanted to gain some "life experience". That decision led me to studying business and playing baseball at the University of Winnipeg. After one year, plus a shoulder injury, I made the decision to come back to Abbotsford. I didn't like the fact that my bank account was dwindling, and that university wasn't giving me the experience I sought out initially. It was time to get back to work and save up to buy a condo.

A year later, I did just that. I was a 20-year-old homeowner! A feat that doesn't seem as easy as it was back in 2015. I spent the next few years in the electrical, carpentry, and millwork industries gaining knowledge of the components of homes I'd be selling in the future. Even though I was finally gaining the knowledge I desired, my life still felt empty knowing I wasn't doing what I had strived for. I asked myself, "What are you waiting for?" and I couldn't come up with a justifiable answer. It was time to go get my license! 

New Year's Day in 2018 I registered for the real estate program. It's a self-paced course that takes 6-24 months to complete, but I was going to get it done in 6. I hit the books hard and was plowing through the course material, but then something amazing happened.... I met my future wife, Gabriela. I still managed to get the course done in 6 months and pass the exam on the first try, thanks to the support of Gabriela. She was very excited that I was pursuing real estate as career as she has some family in the industry as well. By July that year I was a Realtor and by September, I was a husband. Life came at me quick!

The first year and bit was a struggle as expected. I didn't do much networking prior to being licensed, rookie move.. Oh well, live and learn. As my business started to pick up, the covid era began. Luckily, the industry didn't take much of a hit which was a blessing because a few months later, we introduced our son to the world. Brooks Nolan Braun. He was a light while the world was turning darker during the pandemic. With a family in tow, it was really time to "hunker down" an start selling some homes. I did just that, and I was fortunate enough to make the Medallion Club in 2021 (Top 10% of realtors in the FV, by units sold). 

With 2022 underway and a baby girl in tow now, it's time to keep that train rolling. I'm excited for my future in the business and all the relationships that I will build over the years. Hopefully we will cross paths on our journeys through life. 

Yours Truly,

Jesse Braun
Your Homegrown Realtor

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